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Rapture Ready Consulting Responds to Bloomberg's Business Week's Article "The Rapture Profiteers"

This letter was written in response to an article that a reporter from Bloomberg's Business Week published on their website, their magazine and other sources. This article was then picked up and published by other organizations such as the Christian Post, the SF Chronicles and many other reporting places. The orginal article can be read here ( or here ( so that everyone can understand why this response was necessary.

We have been in communication with Bloomberg's Business Week and they had requested we write this letter in order for them to publish and etc. We will post updates and the final results of our communications with Bloomberg's Busniness Week as we work with them to make this correction.

Letter to the Editor of Bloomberg's Business Week:

We read your article about our company and other Rapture based companies (“The Rapture Profiteers” July 28th –Aug1st). We found this article to be shameful and disappointing since we have worked so hard to provide our clients technology services of the highest quality and integrity. We are very careful who we associate the Rapture Ready Consulting name with in everything that we do and we do not feel that the names used in your article fairly represent us or some of the others. Also, the actual quotes from Keith A. Preston of Rapture Ready Consulting were not actual quotes or they were completely misinterpreted. For example, in an interview for the article Keith A. Preston was asked if Rapture Ready Consulting was working on a Smartphone app for those left after the Rapture. Keith A. Preston’s response was - “That’s a difficult answer to provide especially when I believe that the only “app” that is going to truly help and the greatest “app” ever has already been created. The Holy Bible! The Bible has all of the knowledge and truth everyone does and will need to prepare for the Rapture and even for those afterwards.”After being asked the question again Keith A. Preston went on to say – “If millions of people disappear there will be doctors, police officers, IT guys, writers, politicians and etc missing! Who is going to do all of their work? The people left will need apps and whatever other tools they can get to help make up for all of those missing and that probably won’t even be enough help.” The article never mentioned Keith A. Preston’s initial response and then stated that Rapture Ready Consulting was working on a Smartphone app that would do just that. It would be impossible to create one Smartphone app to cover all of those jobs!
Another example would be that Keith A. Preston was then called for a second interview for the article asking him about a flood app Rapture Ready Consulting had developed. The article stated – “Preston estimates his company grossed $380,000 in 2009 by selling products like screen savers featuring the Red Sea and a Smartphone app for $4.99 that tells you if you’re in a flood zone.” Actually, Rapture Ready Consulting does not currently have a screensaver app featuring the Red Sea and the flood app we created was not ever sold but was given to the residents of Findlay Ohio for FREE through the Google Android Market and since it is FREE there will be no need to sell it from Heaven ;-)

Rapture Ready Consulting never was and never will be in the business of making money off of playing on people’s emotions, through deception, or any other type of manipulation. In fact, the whole meaning behind the name of our company was derived from the exact opposite. We founded our company with the vision and integrity of Jesus Christ as our example. We had found that many companies, consultants and employees are not willing to work to their fullest extent or acting inappropriately. Sometimes this leaves businesses in a very critically negative state or in complete ruins. So we founded Rapture Ready Consulting with the passion to serve our clients with all that we are able to provide for them at a rate that is very competitive in today’s market. Our name came from this vision with the concept of Rapturing our clients out of their technological bad situations to a higher level of safety and security so that they may be more successful.

Keith A. Preston, Co-Founder, Rapture Ready Consulting LLC, Kenton, OH ---

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Mar 2011

Google Android Market Full version of The IFfy Bible Game is now available!

RRC has also released the official FREE Lite version of The IFfy Bible Game as well - Google Android Market Lite version

Feb 2011

The PC version of The IFfy Bible Game received a major overhaul with many improvements inside and out!

Jan 2011

The much anticipated Demo has now arrived! The Rapture Ready development team has officially released The IFfy Bible Game DEMO… Click HERE


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Dec 2010

Rapture Ready Radio interviews Co-Founder Keith Preston about the business name, their testimony & theIFfyBibleGame @


The IFfy Bible Game for the PC began sales! or

The RRC development team added new features, a total of about 1400 scriptures, a BibleViewer to the PC version of The IFfy Bible Game and are working on multiple updates to push out to users in the next few months!

Nov 2010

After a ton of feedback from people all over the world, Rapture Ready Consulting decided to take a turn and re-write The IFfy Bible Game for the PC in order for a broader market to be able to play and learn God's Word through their game